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14 июня 2019 14:20
Remember the movie "Pretty Woman" in which Julia Roberts said that she does not kiss on the lips. This is not a movie myth. In fact, many escort girls do not kiss or require additional fees.
The question is: if escort girl does blowjob without a condom and licks the “insecure” cock, so why not kiss the client with the tongue?
Many escort girls prefer to abstain from kissing. Only selected clients are honored with such romance.
You should understand that for no particular reason, girls have no desire to kiss. After all, customers know that few kiss and this is not particularly count.
A romantic aspect is associated with kisses.
Men understand this moment. Having sex with a mature independent girl is complete, but you may not want to kiss her.
You can not equate some sex services to kisses.
Do you remember the first time with the "free" partner? Was everything perfect? It's a little weird. Two strangers met for the first time. They may have a different mood, well-being, they may not psychologically and physiologically converge. Moreover, the point is not that the client is bad or the girl is not professional. However, that the process is influenced by many factors on both sides.
Clients with experience understand this and accept it. Sex is too thin and complex matter to give in to unconditional unification. Including sex commercial.


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17 июня 2019 19:22
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19 июня 2019 16:53
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